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  Style / Quantity / Shape & Size / Finish
Enamelling Colours (if any)
Ribbon Detail
Date required
Within 3-4 days we will send artwork for approval
Once approved, production will commence
Your Medals/'Coins' will then be delivered within your requested timescale


Production Schedule
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Here's a list of questions we are frequently asked in the production of Bespoke Medals. Simply click on the question, and the answer will appear below it.

Medal Production

Where are the medals manufactured?

I have heard that the medals can be produced and delivered in only 6 weeks or even less, is that correct?

Is there a surcharge for the medals to be flown in?

Can I order bespoke medals without having to pay the express delivery air freight charge?

Does the 6 or 12 week production lead time include delivery to me?

What if I receive more entries than anticipated, can I order a 'last minute top-up' to my medal order?


Medal Finishes

Can I mix the medal finish colours (e.g. Antique Gold, Antique Silver, Antique Bronze, etc.) within my order?

Will there be any charge for this?


Medal Artwork

If I only have a rough sketch of my medal design, is that alright?

I understand that you have different background stipple effects that I can incorporate into my design?

How long will it take for me to receive artwork back from you for approval?

When I have received my medal design back for approval, what if I require some changes?

Will there be any charge for these amendments?


Die Charges

How do I know how many dies I will be charged for?

What if exactly the same design is on both sides of the medal?

What if my design has 'cut-outs'?



How do I work out my medal price?

What if my medals are rectangular?

How can I work out the price if my medals are not circular or rectangular?

Can my medals be thicker or thinner than 3mm?

How will this affect my price?


Optional Extras

Can I have printed ribbons?

Do you have any other optional extras for medals?


Still stuck?

If you still haven't got an answer to your question, or you'd simply like more information, please contact us and a member of our team will be more than happy to help.